The George Floyd Memorial Center honors the name and legacy of George Perry Floyd, Jr. who died senselessly and tragically due to the actions of a rogue law enforcement officer. His death sparked global outrage and a movement towards social justice.

Why We Exist

After the tragic death of George Floyd in May of 2020, his family in his birth state of North Carolina decided not to become bitter victims but use the momentum of the global outcries for change and become a vessel of change.

The George Floyd Memorial Center in Raleigh, NC was created as a beacon of hope to light the way for underserved communities and for those seeking
answers to how do we move forward. By going into the neighborhoods,
connecting with the people, and better understanding the root causes of their despair, we can better create coaching opportunities that match the needs and goals that will lead to education and economic growth. This, we believe, is the one answer to the question “how do we achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion?”
By working from the inside out, we allow the very people we seek to help a voice in creating their opportunity to rebuild their dignity and becoming a positive contributor to society.


The George Floyd Memorial Center has strategically partnered with organizations such as Empower All, Inc., the Irby-Wilkins Group, and Career Associations of North Carolina to bring to the local schools and communities educational coaching, behavioral assessment and correction implementation, and entrepreneurial and small business development training. A quote from the great boxer Muhammad Ali reads “you don’t lose if you get knocked down. You lose if you stay down”. Our mission is to help those who’ve been knocked down get up and learn how to continue getting up. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said “life’s most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others?”

The goal of The George Floyd Memorial Center is to take a tragedy and turn it into triumph. Take hate and turn it to hope. And, not become victims, but help all regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, or political affiliation become victorious. With God’s help and your support, we will achieve success.




Thomas McLaurin

Executive Director


Roger Floyd

Chief Impact Officer